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Oxford of Oregon Legislative Contact Information and Letters

    We're looking for some help here. In order to maintain our funding, we need to be writing our Senators and Representatives and tell them how much Oxford means to us. If you would please use the sample letters provided here as a basis, and send a little of what Oxford is to you to our lawmakers in Salem, we will insure that we are funded for another year.  The Legislators that make these decisions are those that are listed below. Even though the ones listed below might not be "your" legislator, they are the best ones to write to, because they are the ones making the recommendations for the budget.

  In the column to the right there are links to letters to the legislators documents. Please use these to fill out letters  and send them to the addresses included within them. Below are the houses and chapters associated with each of the Senators and Representatives on the Joint Ways and Means Committee (they decide the funding). You can click on the Senator / Representative's name and this will also link to the documents. If your house is not listed, no problem. You can use the general letter and send it to any of those fine folks listed below here....   Thanks in advance...

If you need help with any of this, please contact me.  Ted B.   (   tedb at    )     503   314  2231

    p.s.    I'll even mail the letters for you, just give me a call and I'll have them picked up when you have them printed and signed..

Senator Alan Bates

Oxford Chapter 2, Medford         Houses in his district:

Columbus                      Jackson                                    Ivy                               McLaughlin

Medford West               Siskyiou

Representative Ben Cannon

Oxford Chapter 1, 8, 5, 6, 15   SE Portland

Houses in his district:

Glisan                           Halsey                          Harmony Park                          Hazelridge

Imani                            Laurelhurst                   Laurelwood Park                       Montavilla

Mount Tabor                 Powell Butte                 Ramona                                    Steel Street

Representative Margaret Doherty

Oxford Chapters 14       her district is Washington County, Tigard

Houses in her district:

Englewood Pk.    Sorrento      Walnut

Representative Lew Frederick

Oxford Chapter 3, his district is in NE Portland

Houses in his district:

Heritage        Prescott         Rosemont     Wygant

Representative Chris Harker

Oxford Chapter 14,  Beaverton

Houses in his district:     Murray House


Representative Val Hoyle

Oxford Chapter 13      Eugene

Houses in his district:       Baker


Senator Jeff Kruse

Oxford Chapter 17, Roseburg

Houses in his district:

Davis Creek             Diamond Lake           Mountain View     Parrot Creek         South Umpqua           Stewart       Umpqua Valley


Representative Bill Kennemer

Oxford Chapter 22      Oregon City

Houses in his district:              Cannonview       Willamette


Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson

Capitol Phone:  503.986.1725

Capitol Address:  900 Court St., NE  S-413, Salem, OR  97301



Oxford Chapter 6, Gresham, East County

Houses in her district:

Mt. Hood      Birdsdale        Lewman


Senator Frank Morris

Oxford Chapter 19, Albany

Houses in his district:

Albany                         Burkhart                       Rick Dougherty            Seven Lyons

Swanson Park             Tekena Park                  Thurston Creek            Water Park


Representative Julie Parrish

Oxford Chapter 22, 9,  West Linn

Houses in her district:   Carl T.      Tualatin


Senator Chip Shields

Oxford Chapter 3, Portland

Houses in his district:

Heritage        Prescott             Rosemont            Wygant        Saint Johns


Representative Carolyn Tomei

Capitol Phone:  503.986.1441

Capitol Address:  900 Court St., NE  H-279, Salem, OR  97301

District Phone:   503.653.5180

District Office Address:  PO  Box 22147, Milwaukie, OR  97269


Website:  http://www.leg.state.or.s/tomei

Oxford Chapters 18,8, 12,15,  her district is Milwaukie

Houses in her district:

Brassia-Koi           Century Park          Clackamas Hills          Evening Star       Reedway        

Glenwood          Milwaukie              Penzance          Survivors         Martins


Representative Jim Weidner

Oxford Chapter 4, McMinneville

Houses in his district:          DeAngelo         Morgan Lane

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